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Dreyer: The Passion of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc was canonized Saint Joan in 1920. This event inspired Danish filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer to make his standout work, The Passion of Joan of Arc, 8 years later. A classic of the silent age, it endures 90 years later thanks in no small part to Maria Falconetti, who plays the eponymous Maid of Orléans. Rather than recreate France in 1431, however, Dreyer wrote upon the film's release that he was seeking to “interpret a hymn to the triumph of the soul over life.…realized mysticism.”

As such, there was no makeup, very little by way of costumes or sets. (Remember the 1999 Joan of Arc biopic helmed by Luc Besson, The Messenger? Yeah. The opposite of that.)

Dreyer also wrote, “In order to give the truth, I dispensed with ‘beautification.’”

Today’s contemplation: What is your #nofilter truth? The truth without contouring or concealer? Your unadorned mysticism?