Woolf: The Waves

A simple and capacious practice for your Saturday (or whatever day you’re reading this) that comes via my friend and incredible teacher Adreanna Limbach.

I’ve always had an affinity for Virginia Woolf, and the more I grew into a meditation practice, the more I realized that one of those resonant chords comes from her fascination with moment-to-moment being. It’s a recurring theme in her literary works as well as her diaries. “If one does not lie back & say to the moment, this is my moment, stay you are so fair, what will be one's gain, dying?” she wrote on New Year’s Eve, 1982.

Woolf’s “moments of being” are a common theme, but one of the stop-you-where-you-stand uses of it is in these 8 words from The Waves. The thought is experienced by one of the main characters, Bernard, an epicenter of sorts for the other characters in the piece. In truth, each moment can be an epicenter. Each moment can be the totality of our experiences thus far, while also being independent of all those experiences. In each moment, we are enough.

Today’s contemplation: Find yourself in this moment. Touch a table. Lie back and say to the moment, “this is this moment.” And in locating yourself in this moment, can you find your sense of enough?